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Now that winter is fast-approaching, darkness comes earlier. Bad weather often threatens as well. In these cases, riding your motorcycle presents added risks. Let's think about how you can use one of your vehicle’s most critical parts—its lights—to protect yourself.  READ MORE >>

Progressive is celebrating six years of honoring veterans through the Keys to Progress program.  For more information on this program, Keys to Progress READ MORE >>

It is a common myth. If you have a red car, you are more likely to have the police pull you over. As a result, that means you pay more in auto insurance. The good news is you can have a red car. It does not have any bearing on how much car insurance costs you. If you heard this myth, consider a few things that may have you believing it. READ MORE >>

Saving money on home insurance is a goal you may have. But, it is rarely simple to find the least expensive policy for you. One way to reduce costs in high-risk areas is to have a separate deductible for disaster damage. In areas where there is the risk of flooding, hurricanes, or earthquakes, this can be essential. READ MORE >>

In August Kelli and I enjoyed a trip to Cleveland for a function with Progressive Insurance Company. We were happy to meet with new President and CEO, Tricia Griffith. Tricia has been with Progressive for many years, coming up through the claims side of the company. READ MORE >>

You wake up one morning and look out the window. Your motorcycle is not where you parked it the day before. You immediately realize that someone has stolen it! That’s a very unsettling feeling. What do you do to get help? Will your auto insurance cover your losses? READ MORE >>

Accidents can happen at any time. If you are driving a friend’s car, or if you allow a friend to drive your car, it can be hard to know whose auto insurance pays for the loss. The simplest way to determine this is to remember one fact. In most circumstances, car insurance follows the car, not the driver. READ MORE >>

Stargazing is a fun summer activity for everyone – but there are some things you can do to see your favorite constellations better. Read these tips on how you can enhance your experience! Click on this link to get some great info on how to watch the Summer celestial events!  https://on. READ MORE >>

Home insurance provides financial protection for your property. It covers the structure of the home. It also covers the contents of your home. In most cases, it will cover the smart home technology within it.  However, every policy has limits. In many cases, this technology can be expensive. READ MORE >>

I would like to welcome the newest member of our Miller Insurance Agency team. Hayley Hebert is currently working on her insurance agent licensing and training. Hayley is a graduate of Lamar University. She brings business experience in the manufacturing, banking and retail fields. READ MORE >>

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